Premium balloons

Your flight with balloon

Flight with hot air balloon is something special, this event let
Your heart beat stronger drifting with the wind over trees and lakes. This amazing world we want to show You.

We have daily scheduled dawn and dusk flights seven days a week throughout our main flying season (March-October), flying over one-third of all balloon ride passengers in the Latvia. We will let you smile and remember these hours of joy for a long time.

Looking for more information? Make a phone call +371 25 905 509!

Where do we fly?
The most of times fligts we plan around Sigulda, but this is not the only beautiful place in Baltics! We fly as well in Keila, Jelgava, Liepaja, Tartu, Parnu, Tukums, Valmiera, Koknese .. in other words - the whole Baltics!

How long is a flight?
You should expect that the flight of hot air balloon will take 4 hours. There, in the air you will spend about an one and a half hours at least.

Ticket prices


private flight only
for You two

EUR 750

3-4 passengers

EUR 900

How to join a flight?
1. Please contact Premium Balloons via phone or email, or by booking a flight You wish. Leave your email address and mobile phone number to the crew.

2. After Premium Balloons confirms flight for You, there will be payment information sent to your email. We guarantee 100% money back on not providing (cancelation) the service.

3. Print out or remember a Payment Number we provide You and join us at agreed time!

How many passengers we will be?
Enjoy an event just for you - there is NO any strange passengers who will travel in group. OK, there will be a pilot with you. We provide total confidence, full comfort and 100% attention to give you the best! Also a destination we are planning together with you. In case you want a memorable wonderful part of a day - call us!

When it is possible to fly?
We are flying all year around, even in winter. Flights are set early in the morning when sun ir rising and ~3 hours before sunset. But we can not fly if the wind exceeds 5 m/s or there are precipitations.

Get more answers on related questions - "Balloning FAQ".

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